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TROY, THE LEGEND CONTINUES… 1945 AND BEYOND. It was 1945 and World War II was coming to an end. Milton Troy fought the good fight as a pay officer in the United States Army in Battle Creek, Michigan. As he sat in his small apartment in Battle Creek with his young bride, Irene, he knew he had to decide what path to take to secure their future. Should he go into his family’s button business, Chicago Pearl Button, or start a business of his own? Milt knew that the safe thing to do would be to become a part of the long established family button business. But Milt was an adventurous sort and loved the thrill of the chase. Milt earned a Masters Degree in Business from the University of Illinois in 1933. Milt needed to prove to himself that it wasn’t a fluke that he was at the top of his class. That is why Milt decided to venture out on his own to pursue success. And thus, TROY SUPPLY COMPANY was born. Through the years TROY has evolved through several incarnations. First came TROY SUPPLY COMPANY, followed by TROY THREAD AND YARN COMPANY, then TROY THREAD & TEXTILE CORPORATION and finally, TROY CORPORATION. Many miles, many names, but just one family. TROY is a small family owned business that takes the fact that our name is on the door seriously. Yes, the buck stops here. Today TROY is one of the foremost distributors of felt, yarn and related products for the embroidery industry. The TROY product line has grown since 1945, but our passion for the embroidery industry remains the same. We supply the finest products on the market today to our loyal customers. Our customers know that being here to meet their needs remains at our core. With that knowledge they place their trust in our products and service with confidence. TROY is one of the preeminent leaders in both manufacturing and distributing of cotton quilting fabric. TROY is “the go to company” that quilt shop owners turn to when purchasing fabric for their shops. TROY’S RIVERWOODS COLLECTION is known far and wide for the depth of design and quality it provides. RIVERWOODS is an exclusive perk shops receive when shopping at TROY! The benefits that shop owners enjoy when they purchase from TROY are enormous. TROY is proud to carry fabric from RJR, BENARTEX, HENRY GLASS, STUDIO E, RED ROOSTER, FABRI-QUILT, DAVID TEXTILES, SPRINGS, WASHINGTON STREET STUDIOS, ELIZABETH’S STUDIO, QUILT GATE, FROND, PRINT CONCEPTS, SYKEL and more. Savvy shop owners know that by combining fabric from different Mills in one shipment they substantially lower their freight costs. Plus, when your TROY REP visits your shop you can see multiple lines in one visit. That allows you to have collections from different Mills in front of you and make an educated choice as to what works best in your shop! All of us at TROY know how busy you, the shop owner, are. Let your TROY rep show you what they have in one fell swoop and save you the time you need for everything else you do on a daily basis. Seventy-two years after Milt left the Army, TROY continues to grow. Milt’s younger son, Terry, is always looking for ways to make the lives of his customers easier…and more fun. Here are some of the ways that Terry envisioned to help shops expand their horizons. In 1995 TROY started the GENERAL ORDER PROGRAM (GO) as a way for shops to invigorate their sales. Shops enrolled in the Program receive a 50-55 yard bundle with ten to eleven prized 5 yard cuts from a collection. That eliminates the need to buy ten to eleven 15 yard bolts that bloat your inventory. By buying bundles you have less yardage…lower cost…more profit. All of us at TROY know that we wouldn’t be here without our customers. We know that turning inventory is crucial for a quilt shop to succeed. Let our GO Program do for you what it has done for other shops for over 21 years. Fresh inventory = fresh sales and new customers. It is a win win for all of us! As a distributor of fine quilting fabric we know what quilt shops want. In 1997 Terry felt there was a need for finer quilting fabric to fulfill the cravings of those that long for only the best! That is why TROY’S RIVERWOODS COLLECTION was born. Shop owners and their customers look to RIVERWOODS for designs that are on the pulse of what quilters, crafters and art enthusiasts are looking for. In 2007 Terry devised a unique event to take place in TROY’S 70,000 square foot warehouse. He named it FABRIGANZA! FABRIGANZA is held twice a year and gives fabriholics a chance to commune with what they consider “nature” (cotton is from nature after all). The multifaceted event provides shop owners with bargain prices, no shipping costs, classroom adventures, a chance to sit and talk with their reps at their leisure, prizes and a day to enjoy snacks and a lunch from one of Chicago’s top restaurants. It is a not to be missed experience with fabric! TROY CORPORATION is not just a business. It is a family business with a tradition that dates back to 1945. It is a tradition to provide the best quality product coupled with the service that people desire. At TROY we strive to treat our customers the way we want to be treated. With respect and reverence. We still look to Milt and Irene for guidance. Whenever we question how to handle a situation we ask ourselves, “What would Milt do?” and things just turn out right!
 Toll-Free: (800) 888-2400 Local: (773) 804-9600 Fax: (773) 804-0906
Our Address: 2701 N. Normandy Avenue Chicago, IL 60707 (Five blocks east of Harlem Avenue, One Block South of Diversey Ave

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